About Us

My name is Brian Williams and I am a life-long athlete, teacher, coach, and school administrator.  I have been publishing websites since 1997 with free resources for sports coaches and for personal development.  I like to spend time finding ways to get access to as many people as possible who can benefit from and enjoy the resources that I curate and create.  I am always appreciative of the feedback (usually positive, but occassionally negative) that I receive from the visitors to my sites.  It helps me know how I am doing and how I can improve.

The Pickleball Toolbox is my latest contribution.  The goal of our team is to build it into the Online Encyclopedia of Pickleball.

I am enjoying continuing learn all that I can about and being involved in the Pickleball community.  As I have done with all of my other sites, I am sharing the things that I discover.  I hope that this site increases your enjoyment of the rapidly growing pastime of Pickleball.

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my wife, family, and friends.  I enjoy outdoor activities.  Some of my favorites are boating, swimming, fishing, and of course, Pickleball!  I also enjoy attending sporting events in person.  I enjoy staying in touch with the students and student-athletes that I have had the honor to work with throughout the years.  In all, I worked in six differnt school corporations, so I have friends scattered in many places.

I hope you enjoy your experience on the Pickleball Toolbox and will want to be a frequent visitor!